My general interests are mathematical logic, category theory and categorical homotopy theory. I am especially interested in computability theory, model theory and dependent type theory. At the moment, I am working on univalent type theory in simplicial sets.

Other areas of interest are functional programming, formal verification, cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs, reinforcement learning and natural language models.


Effective Kan fibrations in simplicial sets, with Benno van den Berg. Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 2321, 2022.

Homogeneous models and their toposes of supported sets. PhD Thesis. University of Cambridge, 2020.

Effective operations of type 2 in PCAs, with Jaap van Oosten. Computability, vol 5, no 2, pp.127-146, 2016. Available here.

More on geometric morphisms between realizability toposes, with Jaap van Oosten. Theory and Applications of Categories vol. 29 no. 30, pp 874-895, 2014.