About Eric Faber

I was born and raised in The Netherlands. After finishing secondary school in my home town Apeldoorn, I studied physics and mathematics at Utrecht University. My Master's thesis supervisor was Dr. Jaap van Oosten. I then moved to Cambridge to become a PhD student under supervision of Prof. Martin Hyland at the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. Since obtaining my PhD degree, I live in the beautiful city of Nijmegen.

If you would like to get in touch, send me a message on LinkedIn.

Central Bank

I work at the payments division of De Nederlandsche Bank. Its iconic building is currently being renovated. In a couple of years, it should look a bit like on this photo. In my current position, I am thinking about the digital euro, also known as central bank digital currency (CBDC). My portfolio also includes crypto-assets and stablecoins.


For my mathematical work, see my research page.

Computer Science

Besides my work at DNB, I work as a freelance computer science researcher and developer. Presently, I work on applications of dependently typed languages, formal verification and zero-knowledge proofs.